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At SCA, we sculpt portfolios that confront an inevitable spectrum of market uncertainties and seek to manage them to robust, repeatable outcomes.

Our asset allocation and risk management platform - Quatrain - has demonstrated through one of the most persistent market storms that it can challenge us to think in constructive directions.

Brian Hunter, CEO

“All of the information is in the data.”

Globally – 24/7 – millions of analysts and strategists pour over mountains of fundamental data and analysis. Fundamentals, as perceived by this minion, coalesce daily into insights that in turn trigger and merge into closing prices of securities on exchanges worldwide.

Quatrain releases these insights…delivering clarity from chaos.

All of these carefully crafted facets of SCA-Quatrain merge to a gradual, controlled, two-faceted mission:
- To empower you with an unprecedented range of managerial flexibility, and
- Deliver an absolute, reliable bottom-line

Enjoy your journey through ourEnjoy your journey through our website as an introduction to how and why our collaboration empowers your future advantage.

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Managing Director

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