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Technology & Strategy

Quatrain™  is the technology division of SCA focusing on dynamic asset allocation and risk management, systematic trading and quantitative research.

Dynamic Asset Allocation and Risk Management

Quatrain™ has been a core part of SCA bringing powerful analytical tools to SCA and its clients. Quatrain™’s dynamic allocation platform offers a centralized platform that offers a comprehensive portfolio management solution with patented and proprietary algorithms for dynamic portfolio management and risk control.

Systematic Trading

Quatrain™ has developed advanced quantitative and computational methods for its proprietary trading systems.
Quatrain™’s quantitative strategies identify short- and medium-term investment opportunities across asset classes and seek to profit in a rigorously risk-controlled fashion.

Quatrain™ focuses on algorithmic trading systems utilizing, a large array of tools and methods including signal generation, pattern recognition, neural network optimization and genetic algorithms.

Since March 2015, Quatrain™ has offered Quatrain Global Solution (QGS) to SCA's clients.

QGS is a Systematic Tactical Asset Allocation Solution that engages Quatrain™ as an integral driver for its global allocation strategy.

Starting April 2017, Quatrain™ will offer an additional investment product applied to liquid factor ETFs: Quatrain Factor Solution (QFS)

Quantitative Research and Special Applications

Quatrain™ also offers its quantitative expertise to firms outside the trading and portfolio management industry, particularly in managing R&D pipelines, logistics and supply chain management.

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